HCERES 2020-2021

Our research unit, the MRGM (Rare Diseases: Genetics and Metabolism), was evaluated by HCERES in February 2021 (group B) under the supervision of the University of Bordeaux and INSERM.

The evaluation highlighted the good quality of the publications.

The strengths are:

– the constitution of well-characterized cohorts from a phenotypic point of view.

– the establishment of appropriate therapies.

– the numerous national and international collaborations.

– the existence of a zebrafish platform.

– its good coaptation with the hospital university services and which is essential for the competitiveness of our INSERM 1211 unit.

To access the summary of our assessment, follow the link: https://www.hceres.fr/en/rechercher-une-publication/mrgm-maladies-rares-genetique-et-metabolisme-0